Brent Benzinger

Programmer, data wrangler, command line wizard. Security focused and privacy conscious. Known as a constant learner who is focused yet resourceful to clients and coworkers. Analytical and continually encourages process improvements. Language enthusiast, fluent in Japanese.

Technologies: Linux, Python, Git, Bash, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript/CSS/HTML

Highlights: Ohio LinuxFest 2018 Guest Speaker, JLPT N3 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)


Software Engineer

  • Designs, implements, tests, and maintains applications related to the operation of WORKS International, Inc.
  • Ability to work independently on identified tasks, as well as within a team environment
  • Develops software within accepted industry standards and constantly offer ways to improve the code's architecture
  • Collaborates daily with tech lead
  • Frequently held face-to-face meetings with team members before WFH; currently holding frequent video-chat meetings
  • Oversees code integration on company's quality assurance servers and assists in weekly code deployment to production
  • Writes SQL queries for front-end developer team members
  • Documents changes in code comments, version control repository, and GoToAssist ticketing system
  • One of the two software engineers entrusted with code releases and production server access
  • Observes Agile, weekly code release practices
  • Implemented critical security updates to codebase in PHP related to sanitizing database inputs
  • Identified that Docker would solve issues caused by disparate server configurations, recommended the adoption of Docker and assisted the company Sysadmin with the implementation
  • Working in: HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Bash
Feb. 2019 - Present


  • Maintained large scale PHP and MySQL production software for approximately 50 users in controlling inventory
  • Read legacy code and worked effectively with a large PHP codebase
  • Worked directly with CFO to develop features for financial reporting
  • Oversaw the adoption of Git into the codebase and workflow of the development team
  • Designed and implemented a database used for the warehouse department of Blair Technology Group to help facilitate sales
  • Worked directly with sales teams representatives to understand and fulfill their needs for data and programming related to eCommerce
  • Maintained Linux server that hosted production code and production data, including nightly scripts and database backups
  • Worked in: HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Git, JavaScript
Dec. 2017 - Feb. 2018

Freelance Developer

  • Prepared front-end adjustments for a small business
  • Quickly adapted to unfamiliar code base
  • Effectively ran build tools for website using bash and CLI
  • Communicated with customers to assess needs and deliver code upgrades within quoted time frame
  • Improved responsive design and mobile web page
  • Made minor cosmetic changes to the homepage
  • Worked in: JavaScript, Bash, StencilCLI, YAML, HTML


Various Organizations
  • Classroom and private English teacher in Moscow, Russia Sep. 2016 ‐ October 2017
  • Classroom English teacher in Osaka, Japan April 2014 ‐ May 2016
  • Private music teacher at Northern Kentucky University Jan. 2010 ‐ April 2014
2010 - 2017


Kitchen Memo

Personal Project - Sole Developer
  • Meal prep and recipe management web app
  • Models complex data relationships in MySQL
  • Adheres to industry security best practices
  • Working in: Linux, MySQL, Python (Flask), JavaScript, Bootstrap 4
Mar. 2020 - Present

Benzinger Lawn and Landscape

Local Business Website - Sole Developer
  • Django based landing page for local lawn care business
  • Working in: Linux, MySQL, Python (Django), Bootstrap 4
Mar. 2020 - Present


Northern Kentucky University

Bachelor of Music Performance
Concentration in Classical Guitar
Dec. 2012

Gateway Community Technical College

Non Degree Seeking
  • Programmer Certificate
  • Net+ Prep
  • A+ Prep
  • Computer Tech Basic
Jun. 2016 - May 2018


Apart from being a programmer, I enjoy running in nice weather. I'm a voracious reader; I read books from all classes of the dewey decimal system. I especially like literature, pop-science, and fantasy/sci-fi. I love foreign languages, my second language is Japanese and I'm an enthusiastic beginner at Russian.

My first passion is music. I play a handful of instruments, and can be found playing classical guitar at wedding ceremonies for friends and families.